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General Music

Official church music website.

View, print and play most LDS hymns and Children's Songbook songs. Music can be translated to various keys. Audio playback feature allows you to listen to focus on one choir part by playing only the soprano, alto, tenor or bass part.

Free Music

Download free PDFs of LDS hymns the Children's Songbook and more.

Download free PDF 60 common hymns in simplified form.

Beginning Organist

Designed to assist the LDS pianist in making the transition to the organ. This free PDF features 38 hymns that have been simplified to make it possilble for a person with modest keyboard skills to quickly become proficient in hymn accompaniment.

Created by BYU organ faculty, this free course of twelve lessons is designed to help LDS pianists adapt their skills to the organ as soon as possible. The course features a free packet of supporting written materials including 25 simplified hymns that can be used in the first weeks of service.

Organ Music
Organ Resources